Worldwide DX Contest

This evening the radio bands were filled with people taking part in the Worldwide Contest, Contesting isn’t really for me but i do like a challenge so i drove to a local hill top car park and had a go using the 20m HamStick antenna and the Yaesu FT991a.

Low power wasn’t effective but set at 100w the radio and antenna performed well. There was lots of stations calling and even more responding to their calls but a little patience paid off and i made several contacts in the hour i was there. In the end it was the cold that got me and brought an end my efforts.

Stations Logged:

PP4T (2127) Fernando in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

VA3MW (2136) Michael in Ontario, Canada.

K3LR (2137) Timothy in Pennsylvania, USA.

K1DG (2140) Norman in New Hampshire, USA.

KC3R (2146) The Pennsylvania State University Amateur Radio Club, USA.

CR3A (2147) The Contest Team, Maderia Island, Portugal.

N5RZ (2159) – Ralph in Texas, USA.

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