Network Radio

Link to Latest ROM for INRICO T320:

As always messing about with flashing ROM is done at your own risk!


How To use the SP Flash Tool

Note: This manual / quickstart guide is just on how to use the ROMS found on The Network Radios Facebook Page, see here on how to find them.

Installing the SP Flash Tool is only possible on a Windows PC and you need to do the following first:

Prepare your PC

Now let’s assume all of the above went smooth, then the rest is piece of cake. Piece of cake with a little “Keep your head at it” attitude.

Important: This is not an extended SP Fflash Tool Manual, just a quick guide on how to install Phil’s debloated ROMS on your device. All settings must be kept the way they were unless otherwise specified.

Prepare your device

Your devices need to be prepared in the followin state:
Portable devices:
– unplugg your power connector.
– Plug in the USB connection cable in your device but NOT in the PC yet.
– Put the USB plug close to the USB port

Mobile devices:
– remove battery
– Plug in the USB connection cable in your device but NOT in the PC yet.
– Put the USB plug close to the USB port

Open the SP Flashtool

The download tab is the only tab where we have to be. All other tabs are NO GO – NO FLY – zone!
In the download tab there are only 4 things you need to use:
1. The Scatter Loading file:
This is the config script for SP Flash to exectute the ROM flash
2. The dropdown box
Defines what kind of ROM Flash you will execute. (Always Download only)
3. The download button: This wil initiate the ROM flash.
4. The progress bar: Indicates the progress of the pending ROM flash

Download the specific ROM for your device. Unzip it and place the folder on your desktop and keep all files in the same folder.

Load the Scatterfile

Locate and select the scatter file in your downloaded rom folder, by clicking on “Choose” next to the Scatter-Loading File text area and press open.
Select the .TXT file that is listed mostly has “Scatter” in his name.
(In this example it’s the scatter file for the Inrico T-320. )


Once the scatter file is loaded you will see different options checked in the window. These selection are selected based on the configuration of the scatter file. For the simple ROM flash we will change NOTHING here.

Check if your devices are prepared and ready as described above.
Check if the status of the drop downbox (2) is “download only
(again this is specific for Phil’s debloated ROMS only)


Flashing is not an complex thing you just need to perform a couple of actions quickly

Initiate the Flash

Click on the download button


Connect your device with the prepared USB cable to the computer
For portable devices the waiting starts
For Mobile devices also plug in the power cable


In the progress bar you will see first a read progress bar, once that’s completed you will see a yellow progress bar that shows the actual flashing.

When done you will see a big OK sign. If you don’t see this the ROM flash wasn’t executed properly.

used an other image here since I didn’t have an actual device to flash at the time of writing the manual.


After you got the OK sign, unplug the device from the computer (put the battery on your portable device) and reboot the Radio. The initial booting might take a while. After that its booting as usual!