The Elland Air Quality Monitoring Station is back online

The Elland Air Quality Monitoring Statin is back online after having a rest for a month.

The delay has been caused by moving the location and an ongoing delay in connecting the new site to the internet. The utility company has moved the connection date back three times and while i am hopeful that one day they will install an internet connection, when remains a mystery.

However to get the station back online i have installed a 4G connection which is problematic, unreliable but which will suffice until a cable connection can be installed.

This will mean that there may be gaps in the data, the monitoring system is set to update every 60 seconds and the radiation detection is set to update every 20 mins. However it is clear that the updates over 4G are not always a success.

The station is still able to offer an interesting view on the weather and air quality.

Hopefully the internet service provider will be able to install their service soon.

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