Science Monitoring Station

I’ve decided to investigate the air quality in Elland and have equipped my Amateur Radio Shack with some sensors. I should soon be able to publish data showing local:

  • CO2 levels in Parts Per million,
  • PM2.5 levels in micrograms per Square Metre,
  • PM10 levels in micrograms per Square Metre,
  • Temperature in Celsius,
  • Humidity in Percentage
  • Pressure in Millibars
  • Radiation in micro sieverts per hour / counts per minute.

I’ve no idea what the data will show, but finding things out is truly what amateur science is all about.

Live data can be found via: Elland Air Quality Data

As time goes by some charts and graphics will be added to the page. I need to collect more data before i am able to produce these.

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